Corporate Social Responsibility


As reflected in the objective of Phergal laboratories, the company has always had a close commitment to society and employees. During all these years, Phergal Laboratories has been and will be in the front line of social responsibility to contribute its effort through three fundamental pillars: Social Work, Sponsorship and Natural Awareness.


Phergal Laboratories actively collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in various social projects. In 2015, through the support of Phergal, the Foundation managed to get 13 Dálits and disadvantaged caste families to have decent housing in India.


Phergal Laboratories, leader in innovation in the natural field. The company uses high quality formulas and raw materials with a large percentage of natural, organic and organic ingredients, respecting the environment and thinking about tomorrow.

"Sustainability is our commitment, with 30 years betting with it "

Mª del Pino Navarro
General Manager of Phergal Laboratories